Nfstrike: Buffalo Bulletproof Plate Carrier with NIJ IIIA Soft Armor Plate Set

Deal Score+1
Deal Score+1

Buffalo Bulletproof Plate Carrier with NIJ IIIA Soft Armor Plate Set: $449.99

Design Philosophy: Armed with a large-area&fully-enclosed structure for comprehensive protection, the vest mainly adopts a laser-cut MOLLE system for lightweight and modular simultaneously.
Superior Performance: Made of 500D+1000D high-strength nylon, the plate carrier features wear and tear resistance.
Equipped with military quick-release on both sides of the waist for quick deployment or removal and one-hand control.
The laser-cut MOLLE hoops&loops at the front and back allow to attach the ID sticker and mount the equipment.
Bulletproof and Stabproof

The bulletproof and stab-resistant chip compartment is capable of placing 250*300mm burster block at the front&back and customized soft chips at the front&back plates and both sides of the waist.
Stab Resistance: The anti-stab layer can withstand the falling body composed of cutting tools and additional weight, that is up to 2.4kg with 24J±0.5J impact energy and a penetration angle of 0°, which is tested at normal temperature, high and low temperature and the vest has not been penetrated.
Bulletproof Level&Shooting Distance: Level IIIA: Tested for even more powerful handgun ammo coming out of longer barrel handguns (more velocity), no rifle protection

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