Lebert Fitness: Lebert Hip Resistance Band

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Lebert Hip Resistance Band: $12.95

Lebert Hip Resistance Bands
Looking to tone, strengthen or simply warm up those glutes? The Lebert Hip Resistance band is just what you’re looking for! Made from high quality cotton/polyester blends (Latex interior), the Lebert Hip Resistance band can withstand even the most rigorous of workouts and is fully machine washable.

Measures: 14” x 3.5”
Activate your Hips/Glutes
Strengthen/Tone targeted areas
Use while doing other exercises to increase effectiveness
Increase Mobility
PRO TIP: Hip Resistance Bands are also a great tool for warming up/activating your shoulders!!! Just place the band around your wrists and gently walk your hands up & down (or laterally) through resistance.

Visit the Hip Resistance Band Video Gallery for workout ideas.

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