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Eucalypso Dream Comforter: $199

Introducing: The Dream Comforter

What does sleeping on the Eucalypso Dream Comforter feel like? Like you're floating on a big cozy marshmallow, being cocooned by airy wisps of cloud. While the koalas dance on surrounding clouds, saying “thank you for helping the earth!”

Oh wait…it's all a dream.

You should be getting the best, most restful sleep every night, which means no irritation, hot flashes, sensitives, or discomfort. So we designed the perfect comforter – the Eucalypso Dream Comforter, made from 100% Tencel Lyocell.

It's so luxuriously soft & cozy, you'll feel like you're sleeping on an airy cloud.

The Dream Comforter is perfectly temperature regulating all year round; cool enough for hot summer nights and warm enough for chilly winters. This comforter is uniquely light, airy, and breathable design prevent night sweats, while its antibacterial & hypoallergenic properties help combat breakouts.

Woven with the same DreamWeave™ Technology we use on all our products – the Dream Comforter is designed to keep you cool and comfy all night (and all year) long.

The best part? It's also environmentally friendly and cruelty free, so you can rest easy all night knowing you're helping the planet while you sleep!

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