My Heritage: Get a diverse breakdown of your origins

Get a diverse breakdown of your origins:

Your MyHeritage DNA test results include an Ethnicity Estimate: a percentage breakdown of your ancestral background, showing your ancestors’ origins from among 42 ethnicities, including Japanese, Irish, Italian, Jewish and many others. You will find a list of the regions your ancestors — from both sides of your family — came from, as well as the percentage of your DNA that comes from each area.

Genetic Groups take your Ethnicity Estimate further by indicating the specific groups you descend from and their geographic regions. With Genetic Groups, you'll discover the places your ancestors came from among 2,114 groups, giving you a higher resolution understanding of your ancestral origins.

MyHeritage used a statistical procedure called Principal Component Analysis to ensure that each founder population is well-clustered, removing outliers and people who were mistaken about their own heritage. The end result became a very rich and consistent reference of 42 Founder Populations, considered to be the best of its kind in the world. MyHeritage DNA uses this reference when analyzing your own DNA, to identify your ethnicity breakdown among these 42 ethnicities, with percentages. This is your Ethnicity Estimate.
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