Under The Nile: Jill Dress Up Doll – Lavender Dot

Jill Dress Up Doll – Lavender Dot: $ 58.00

Our Waldorf inspired Jill Dress Up Doll for toddlers is hand stuffed with Organic Egyptian cotton and created with imagination and play in mind. She comes with an extra change of clothes in her bag, designed to teach coordination skills through tying, changing, and snapping. A classic dress up doll for toddlers, our Waldorf style dolls feature neutral facial features to inspire imagination and are all handmade with 100% organic Egyptian cotton, making them pure from the inside out.

Please follow the specific care instructions on your soft cotton Waldorf style doll for the best results

  • Only clothes are machine washer friendly. Wash warm with like colors
  • Doll is spot clean only.
  • Take a damp cloth with a mild detergent to wash away the spot that requires cleaning. Do no soak the toy in water.
  • Do not bleach
  • Dry clothes thoroughly in a machine dryer to ensure the organic cotton inside does not remain wet (if left wet, mold may grow)
  • Love your goods and the planet with biodegradable detergents free of phosphates, bleach, optimal whiteners, chlorine or petroleum based surfactants
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