Zwave Products: Dome Home Automation Z-Wave Smart Connected Rodent Trap Black – DMMZ1

Dome Home Automation Z-Wave Smart Connected Rodent Trap Black – DMMZ1: $59.97 USD

Pair the Mouser with your Z-Wave Hub and never worry about bloody mouse traps again. Configure your system to notify you immediately when a mouse is caught, or remind you to refresh the bait so there is never a smelly surprise waiting for you. The Mouser is also more humane than alternatives, since it works by electrocution and is quick, painless, and mess-free.

Dome Smart Mouse Trap Taking care of critters in your kitchen and dining area is no pleasant task, but there’s a better way to do it that won’t leave you cleaning up blood or unsticking mice from a glue strip. The Dome Home Automation Mouse Trap eliminates mice quickly and effectively. Set this smart-home mouse trap up to work with your current Z-Wave automation hub, if applicable, or use it without connectivity. Either way, you get an efficient and mess-free pest control solution to keep rodents out of your cupboards and away from food and cooking tools. Commercial kitchens, restaurants, and many other types of businesses must be up to sanitation standards, and it’s easier to do with the Dome Home Automation Z-Wave Smart Electronic Mouse Trap. When connected to your Z-Wave Hub, you can get notifications when something’s been caught and it’s time to empty the trap. No stinker to find days or weeks later. Use with most any Z-Wave Hub including: Home Seer, SmartThings, Vera, Nexia and more.

The smart connected rodent trap offers up to a 150 foot Z-Wave range. Once installed, you can set up the smart rodent trap with your home Z-Wave network. At the same time, you utilize the Dome Home Automation system on its own. If you choose this option, you can always upgrade it to feature smart home connectivity later on. Configured to your Z-Wave home network, you can receive notifications whenever your trap is occupied.

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