Intimina: Laselle™

Laselle™: $12.71

Empower your pelvic floor

Find your inner strength with easy-to-use weights that take your pelvic floor training to the next level. Just like weights at the gym, Laselle Weighted Exercisers provide easy and safe resistance training for the pelvic floor so you build strength and tone fast. Power to the pelvis!

These Kegel balls are deceptively simple vaginal weights that look a little like a mini ball-and-chain – though they won’t but hold you back!

Coated in 100% medical grade silicone, each exerciser contains a small weight in its inner core that moves and swirls with movement. It’s easy and it’ll help you to get to know your body better while making your pelvic floor stronger than ever!

You will easily gain pelvic floor strength and tone

It encourages correct Kegel technique for best results

Laselle’s weighted inner ball helps strengthen muscles

You can train with up to 6 weight combinations

You will quickly see and feel results

Exercisers are made of safe, 100% medical grade silicone

Select an exerciser or exerciser combination that you find comfortable. Don’t be scared – it’s just a workout!

Keeping the retraction cord outside the body, insert the Kegel ball(s) into the vagina with a firm but gentle push, using some water-based lubricant for added comfort.

The exerciser(s) should be positioned about 2 cm / 1 in. inside the vagina. By that, you’ll know they’re in the right place. The only thing left to do is – squeeze!

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