Quick Lens: Air Optix Aqua (6 Pack)

Air Optix Aqua (6 Pack): $44.90

Air Optix lenses from Ciba Vision you can feel comfort all day, every day. With their TriComfort Technology Air Optix stay comfortable from breakfast to bedtime in three important ways: 1) Breathability: Up to 5x more oxygen flow than traditional soft lenses. 2) Moisture Retention: The latest materials help prevent lenses from drying out. 3) Deposit Resistance: The ultra smooth surface is designed to resist and repel deposits. With an easy to remember monthly replacement schedule and their healthy and natural feeling for all day comfort, Air Optix is the perfect package to fit your nonstop lifestyle.

  • Type: Monthly disposable lenses.
  • Packaging: 6 Lenses per box.
  • Content: Provides the eyes with 33% of available water content.
  • Manufacturer: Alcon (CIBA Vision)
  • Benefits: Designed to provide enhanced breathability, moisture retention and deposit resistance.


We do not give refunds.
If you placed an order with the wrong lens prescription or if your lens prescription has changed since you made the order, we will accept exchanges provided the goods have not expired and are in their original unopened packaging. Return shipping charges will be at your expense.
Products to be exchanged must be returned to us within 30 days of the date the products were shipped.
Before sending the products to us for exchange, please contact us first. You can contact us by using the [inquiry form]. In your message, clearly state the reason for the exchange.
Be sure to pack the lenses carefully so they will not be damaged in transit. The lenses should be packed in boxes and if necessary protected by bubble wrap. DO NOT pack contact lens boxes in an envelope.
We are not responsible for any merchandise lost or damaged while en route to our customer support centre.
Do note that toric lenses will take at least one month to exchange.

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