Fishs Eddy: Black Band White Dinner Plate 12-1/4”

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Black Band White Dinner Plate 12-1/4”: $16.99

Microwave and Dishwasher Safe

One day back in the 80’s we drove through this small hamlet upstate called Fishs Eddy.

“Hey! What an odd name, let’s borrow it for our new store,” said we.

And then (still in the 80’s)…BIG fortuitous discovery! Endless unwanted restaurant dishes sitting in a bunch of sub-basements along the Bowery of NYC! — More dishes than we could even count!

“Gee, this stuff is so sturdy, and look at these crazy designs from old diners, and places all over the country!” said we, again.

We excavated all of it, couldn’t leave it, had to have it, brought every single dish back to the store. We even recreated the way we found them (because it was so cool), huge stacks and bushels piled high.

note: big chunk of Fishs Eddy history missing here. All the events, charities, custom patterns, windows, making people happy, ticking some off (sorryyyy 😬) blah blah…

But yeah, THAT, is the extremely short version of how Fishs Eddy came to do dishes for 35 years in the greatest city in the world!

Most importantly, thank YOU for letting us dish it out to you too!

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