Complete your bath with the Yaquina Pivot mirror, featuring clean lines and versatile pivot functionality.

  • Classic silhouette with pivot functionality
  • Matches our Yaquina hardware
  • Frame is crafted from solid brass for durability
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Mirror has 1-inch bevel
  • Imported

This product contains brass hardware components which
contain lead, a heavy metal known by the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive

Consult your local hardware store for proper mounting to other wall materials.
Tools required: Phillips screwdriver, pencil, tape measure, and level.
1. Loosen set screws from bottom of both support brackets to release the mounting plates. (It is a good idea
to back off the secondary set screw as well.)
2. Place one of the mounting plates in desired location. Lightly mark the location of the mounting holes.
3. Remove the mounting plate from the wall. Using only a Phillips head screwdriver, pierce the tip of the
anchor into the wall. Do not push or pound the anchors into the wall; they are designed to bore into the wall
like a screw. Turn clockwise until anchor is flush with the wall.
4. Once both anchors are in place, install the first mounting plate with the provided screws and tighten.
5. Using a tape measure and level, determine the location for the second mounting plate (center of first plate
to center of second plate). Repeat steps 2 – 4.
6. Place one Support Bracket over the mounting plate (making sure set screws are facing down). Tighten the
set screw.
7. Press the second Support Bracket onto one of the mirror pivot post and retighten the set screw.
8. Carefully lift the mirror and slide the free pivot post into the mounted support bracket. Clip the mirror and
pivot mirror bracket over last mounting plate and tighten all set screws. If necessary, loosen wall mounting
screws and adjust mounting bracket to obtain proper horizontal alignment on wall. Retighten screws and
To maintain and protect the luster of all products, clean with a soft, damp cloth only. To protect the finish, do not
use household cleaners or abrasives.

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