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Botanist: $35.00

Botanist has a frame shape that is classic and timeless. The unassuming shape and subtle hinge studs are understated and stylish. What makes these eyeglasses really stand out is the two-tone Gray and Brown finish. The smooth fade between the colors on the lens frame creates a truly modern look.

High index lenses are thinner, more powerful lenses. They're lightweight and stylish, but are mostly reserved for those with higher vision correction needs. While most prescriptions are compatible with more than one specific index, it's up to you to decide which one fits your personal needs!

The difference between your glasses' lens index can make a huge impact. Deciding which you should get depends on your prescription and your lifestyle. Thicker lenses are more affordable, but can only accommodate lower vision correction needs. Thinner lenses are lightweight (and more stylish!) and can accommodate MANY kinds of vision needs, including higher prescriptions. In terms of balancing price and quality, 1.59 index polycarbonate lenses accommodate most prescriptions and are extra durable.

Return Policy:

Return for a one-time replacement pair of equal or lesser value, or request a full refund within two weeks of receiving your order!

You’re eligible for a one-time replacement pair within 12 months (P.S. This only applies to products with noticeable defects in the craftsmanship).

Go to “My Account” and select “Purchase History” to start your return or replacement.

Our customer service team will be in touch within 24 to 48 hours to confirm return details.

Mail your eyewear and provide your Delivery Confirmation Number.

You'll get your refund within 48 hours, or if you got a replacement we’ll ship your eyewear.

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