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A wash so gentle, many hospitals use it in their pediatric intensive care units. Our vegan Shampoo & Bodywash gently cleanses with non-drying, plant-based ingredients ideal for newborns, and those with chemical sensitivities or allergy concerns. Perfect for your baby’s first bath!

We filter, purify and pasteurize our water to ensure the cleanest base possible for our products.

This vegan wash is made with gentle, plant-based cleansing ingredients—no harsh chemicals like sulfates and betaines.

Free of the scent-masking chemicals used in most “no fragrance” products, our formula is ideal for those with scent sensitivities and newborns.

A wash so gentle, many hospitals use it in their pediatric intensive care units. And with zero scent-masking or clear-formula agents that can cause irritation, our super-sensitive formula is perfect for baby’s first bath.

Our long-lasting wash is a safe, 100% plant-based option for the whole family. No harsh chemicals make it ideal for those with sensitive skin, chemical sensitivities or allergy concerns. Its cleansing power comes from certified organic soap bark and plant-based glucosides, which clean without irritating or drying the skin. Meanwhile, certified organic calendula and aloe vera further soothe and moisturize the skin.

This new Shampoo & Bodywash formula features our exclusive, 100% plant-based preservative system that we developed after 6 years of research and development. This first-of-its-kind preservative system includes extracts of basil and anise (not essential oils) and is exclusive to California Baby products!

Our entire Super Sensitive collection has no added fragrance and is recommended for newborns, and those with scent sensitivities, and during pregnancy.

Save 20% by purchasing a gallon! (compared to 8.5oz price per oz) .

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