Agoda: The Heritage Chiang Rai (SHA Extra Plus)

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The Heritage Chiang Rai (SHA Extra Plus):

To help our travelers make informed and safe travel decisions, Agoda has initiated Hygiene Plus. Our partners listed under this campaign are committed to providing a clean environment to guests and staff by enhancing safety and hygiene measures. These partners have confirmed their compliance with specific safety and hygiene measures and can update their list at any time – providing you with up-to-date information to help you make the most informed choice.

Hygiene Plus is not a guarantee from Agoda that any accommodation is risk-free. We rely on properties to affirm their own safety measures and amenities. As a traveler it is your responsibility to follow government advice, enforce personal hygiene measures, and apply social and physical distancing during your stay. Agoda encourages safe travel always and vigilance to changing conditions.

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